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In comparison to many other major sports, the NFL lags behind in terms of the quality of data available to the general public as well as the quality of analytics being done.

We are on pace to change this through our innovative Virtual Statistician that can create extensive datasets using nothing more than basic play-by-play text.

But all this data is of little use if it can't be visualized and leveraged to make smart descisions, whether it be a fantasy football player or a high-level executive that needs to take action.

That's where our team of developers come in. Using our proprietary API combined with the very latest in client-side development tools, we can provide your business with the data visualizations to put your competition in a '4th and long' situation.

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April 28th, 2018

We are always looking for talented and committed people that know football and love to watch football each and every week of the season.
What do you get in return? Well, I’m glad you asked!