NFL Data For Research

651,765 Plays. 3,989 Games. 7,539 Players.

Fact: We don't just scrape and regurgitate readily available NFL data because that's just plain boring.


Want to get a handle on how often teams throw to their top 2 wide receivers and the results of these plays? Interested in how cold weather effects field goal accuracy or which teams need to work on their tackling techniques? It's all here plus much much more.


Our data is derived thru a combination of charting from compressed game footage along with automated processes that check the quality and accuracy of every piece of information at 18 different stages.

Proven Results

Our data has been used to back a plethora of fascinating studies. Here are the 2 most recent ones:

Why not write the next great NFL research paper yourself?

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NFL Data For Business

Our Research Data + Daily Updates in 2015

Fact: The NFL is a 2-billion dollar business and a growing amount of that revenue is data-driven.

Join the coming wave of 'big-data' application development with a reliable, accurate and affordable source of hundreds of NFL metrics — a list of custom stats that grows with each passing season.  Download the full 2015 Database Schema

Data comes in 3 flavours: Excel/CSV, JSON and a MySQL format that properly balances normalization techniques (efficiency) and usability (can I easily get the results I want?). We are currently working on a data API that will be available for the 2015 season.

In addition to daily updates on Sundays and Mondays, EVERY SINGLE PLAY SINCE 2000 (651,765 in all) is also included — the exact same data that researchers get access to, only you get up-to-the-minute updates all season long.

For a sample of data from the first 4 weeks of the 2014 season, click on the download button in the Fine Print section below. Instructions for usage and a full database schema is included.

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the 2015 Season

Updated twice a week during the season.

Disclaimer and General Butt-Covering: The NFL Data compiled by the staff at Armchair is highly accurate, but, unofficial. Unlike similar services, we do not scrape data illegally and this results in small differences between our numbers and the official league record. For official statistics, please visit

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Purchasers of a business license ($995) can expect data updates on Sunday and Monday evenings each week of the season. They are free to utilize the data as they see fit and no reference to the source is required unless Data is being resold in it's raw format, in which case, Create Commons Attribution applies.