Affordable NFL Data Plans

Our Data Has Helped Over 1,000 Clients in the Past 5 Years Alone.

We provide reasonably-priced NFL data in a relational format that is built from the play-level up.

Unlike traditional data-sets that simply provide rudimentary player and game totals, our data gives you the means to analyze both player and team performance in an infinite number of ways.

Want to get a handle on how often teams throw to their 1st-string receivers and the results of these plays? Interested in how cold weather effects field goal accuracy or which teams need to work on their tackling techniques? Are you looking to turn a nice profit playing Daily Fantasy Football?

New for 2016: We've hired 16 professional charters to track the key stats that you won't find anywhere else, available within a matter of days after game completion. Dropped passes; yards-after-catch; personnel groupings — the list goes on-and-on.

Have a look at our database schema and start exploring the possibilities.

Our data has been used to back a plethora of fascinating studies.

Here are 2 of the most recent ones:

We've cataloged 200,000+ player fantasy totals over the past 16 years. 697,000+ plays. And, 4,250+ games. If you are wondering how we produce this data, wonder-no-more! You can read all about our processes here:

Combining all this historical data with daily updates in 2016 and a pretty cool API gives you unsurpassed access to 100% accurate NFL data at a fraction of the cost of any other provider, guaranteed.

Sample Data (Weeks 1/2 - 2016)

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From the Blog

September 25th, 2015
One of the more common questions we field here is: “Where do you get your data?” It’s a valid question on a number of fronts. The first comes from a legal perspective. Are we entitled to distribute this data? Does the NFL not hold the rights to data from it’s games? Some people are simply wondering how accurate the data is that we provide.


Subscription Breakdown

Casual Plan Hardcore Plan (2016)
Historical CSV Files (2000 - 2015) Yes - All 27 Files Yes - All 27 Files
MySQL Support Files (setup.sql + load-sample.php) Yes Yes
In-Season Stat Updates No - Annual (Every February 15th for life) Yes - Daily Updates (45 min after games)
Accuracy 100% Accurate vs Official Records 100% Accurate vs Official Records
API Access No Yes
Commercial Use No Yes
Price $49 One Time Cost $795 Per Season **
** Individuals who require data solely for their own purposes (and not as part of a commercial business enterprise), as well as educational institutions, may be entitled to a heavily discounted rate ($199.00 per season). Please contact us for more details if you fall into one of these categories.
The Fine Print

All Purchases are processed via (a PayPal account is not required but can be used if payment from a bank account is desired). Upon completion of the transaction, a username and password will be emailed to the address provided to PayPal which will grant access to your content download. This username and password can also be used to authenticate against our API. The email that is sent can sometimes end up in your junk-mail folder so be sure to check there if you do not see it.

Data for Casual Subscribers is made available in February of each year and is licensed for research and personal use. Attribution to the source ( is required for published research papers.

Casual subscribers can look forward to life-time access to static CSV files. Hardcore subscribers will have access to historical data and the API — along with 2016 weekly updates — up until March 30th, 2017.

Hardcore Subscribers are free to utilize the data as they see fit as part of a commercial enterprise and no reference to the source is required. Using the data to develop competitive services (i.e., reselling/publishing) is strictly prohibited; however, and will result in immediate termination of the licence agreement. Please contact us if you have any questions on usage.