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651,812 Plays. 3,989 Games. 8,423 Players.

Fact: We provide advanced NFL stats you simply won't find anywhere else in a relational format that is geared towards both research and application development.


Want to get a handle on how often teams throw to their top 2 wide receivers and the results of these plays? Interested in how cold weather effects field goal accuracy or which teams need to work on their tackling techniques? It's all here plus much, much more. Download the 2015 Schema

Highly Organized

Data comes in 2 flavours: Excel/CSV along with a MySQL database that properly balances normalization techniques for maximum efficiency and usability.

Proven Results

Our data has been used to back a plethora of fascinating studies. Here are the 2 most recent ones:

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3,989 Games and growing. Updated every February -- for LIFE!

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Our Research Data + Daily Updates in 2015

Fact: The NFL is a 2-billion dollar business and a growing amount of that revenue is data-driven. Carve out your slice using the biggest NFL dataset available.

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Join the coming wave of 'big-data' NFL application development with a reliable, accurate and affordable source of hundreds of NFL metrics — a list of traditional AND custom stats that grows with each passing season.


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Daily Updates

Game data is updated within 45 minutes of the game ending. Rosters are updated daily by 12pm EST. Charted details (i.e., players on the field, # of blockers, etc) are updated prior to the following weekend.

For a sample of data from the first 4 weeks of the 2014 season, click on the 'download sample' button below.

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A total of 267 Games. Updated Daily.