America's Biggest Game Deserves Big Data

Whether you are looking for raw numbers to fuel your NFL-related business empire; Daily Fantasy Football exploits; or to write the next great research-paper that will be the envy of your peers. Armchair + FTN has advanced stats for every play of every game for every player since the 2000 season.

We've done the heavy lifting: Instantly connect 750+ data points across 28 different tables thanks to specific ID's for plays, players and games. Quite simply, no other NFL stats reference goes this deep.

Not the same-old stats: We don't rely on scraped and regurgitated NFL stats and neither should you. In addition to charting basic play-data, we also chart close to 200 different custom variables that are available 4 days after each game. QB Pressure, Hits, Hurries; Defenders in the Box; Contested Balls. Skill player participation stats. This list goes on-and-on.

Where do our NFL stats show up?

You might be surprised at the sheer number of individuals, companies and even NFL teams themselves that have relied on our stats. We cater to sports-media analysts, NFL fantasy football companies and researchers at every major American University!

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NFL Stats for Bettors

873,200+ NFL Plays. 5,324 Games. 12,000+ NFL Players. Pretty much every stat imaginable in CSV and MySQL formats. Updated daily during the season.


NFL Stats for Business

For commercial usage. Full API access is included. Skill player Participation; In-depth Route Analysis; Matchup Matrixes — get access to specialized data normally costing 2x as much.


About Us

Founded in 2001 by an avid NFL fan and self-ascribed data-nerd, this site has since grown into the premium destination for individuals and companies looking for play-level NFL stats that simply can't be found anywhere else.

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