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Build complex applications on top of the industry-leading NFL API.

If you are discouraged at the lack of affordable NFL data API's available in 2019 then you are not alone -- it's why we ended up building our own.

It's incredibly flexible and designed to meet the demands of real-world NFL applications as well as hard-core Daily Fantasy Football players. It includes all of the specialized data that users of our MySQL relational database have grown to love.

Documentation is split between a PDF database schema and extensive Developer documentation (see links below). Season subscribers can get full access for only $79 per month (annual commitment).

Update: We also now provide free access to a development API. For more details, consult the 2019 API Developer Documentation

Update: Don't see the API features you need? We have developers on hand to create custom tables and endpoints. If you can envision it, we can build it!

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From the Blog

August 17th, 2019

We now provide 38 key stats derived solely from game film.

Some of the new stats for 2019 include Men in the Box for all plays and Missed/Broken Tackles.