Our NFL Data has helped 1200+ clients in the past 6 years alone.

We provide reasonably-priced NFL data in a relational format that is built from the play-level up. 28 different tables. Over 700 different data points. It's Clean and it's Comprehensive.

Unlike traditional data-sets that simply provide rudimentary player and game totals, our data gives you the means to analyze both player and team performance in an infinite number of ways.

Publish the next great paper in the growing field of NFL analytics or build a NFL analytics business that will put your competitors in a '4th-and-long' situation.

New for 2019: We've expanded our team of professional charters in order to better track the key stats that you won't find anywhere else at the play-level, available within a matter of days after game completion. Dropped passes; yards-after-catch; air yards and much, much more.

Have a look at our database schema and start exploring the possibilities.

Our data has been used to back a plethora of fascinating studies and has been the driving force behind featured articles on sites like FiveThirtyEight.com and the Sloane Sports Conference.

Here is a small sample of the most recent:

Combining 20 years of historical data with daily updates in 2019 and a pretty cool API gives you unsurpassed access to 100% accurate NFL data at a fraction of the cost of any other provider, guaranteed.

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Data Subscription Options

Getting access to squeeky clean NFL data should not be complicated. We have 4 straight-forward plans geared towards researchers, hard-core fans and big-business alike. Upgrade from one plan to another at any time and only pay the difference.
It can't get any simpler. Scroll down for samples of the data.

Research Plan             Pro Plan (2020)           ProPlus Plan (2020)    ProPlus Whitelabel (2020)
Tailored For Students / Researchers Hardcore Fans / Bettors Hardcore Users / Businesses Businesses
Subscription Expires Lifetime Access Mar 31st, 2021 Mar 31st, 2021 Mar 31st, 2021
Accuracy 100% Accurate 100% Accurate 100% Accurate 100% Accurate
27 CSV's (2000-2019) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Site Login (for CSV downloads) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sameday Data Updates Annual  (Feb 15) Daily  (Schedule) Daily  (Schedule) Daily  (Schedule)
Daily Email Alerts No Yes Yes Yes
Charted Data No Yes Yes Yes
API Access No No Yes Yes
API Calls per Month N/A N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Commercial Use No No Yes Yes
White Label No No No Yes
Pricing $125 One Time Payment! $275 2020 Season $1095 2020 Season $1495 2020 Season
5280 plays. 1500 players. 2019 Sample Data 2019 Sample Data 2019 Sample Data 2019 Sample Data

The Fine Print

All Purchases are processed via Paypal.com (a PayPal account is not required but can be used if payment from a bank account is desired). Upon completion of the transaction, a username and password will be emailed to the address provided to PayPal which will grant access to your content download. This username and password can also be used to authenticate against our API with Pro Plus subscriptions. The email that is sent can sometimes end up in your junk-mail folder so be sure to check there if you do not see it.

Data is licensed for use by the individual or organization identifed with Paypal as the Purchaser. Transmitting purchased data to 3rd parties is strictly prohibited except in cases where said parties require API access for development purposes.

Data for Research Subscribers is made available in February of each year and is licensed for personal-use only. Attribution to the source (ArmchairAnalysis.com) is required for published research papers.

Pro Plan Subscribers are licensed to use our data for non-commercial purposes only. Personal websites using ArmchairAnalysis.com data require the 'Powered By' link to be prominently displayed. This licence does not prohibit individuals from personally engaing in fantasy football or any other legal competitions and or wagers.

Pro Plus Subscribers can utilize the data as they see fit** so long as the 'Powered By' link is displayed prominently on any related websites and/or applications that are using our data in any way. Subscribing to the 'Whitelabel' Pro Plus plan removes this requirement.

** Please note: Using our data to develop competing services or providing our data to competing services is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate termination of the licence agreement.

Please contact us if you have any questions on usage.