Meet Our NFL Stats Charting Team

Charters that work for Armchair are not just casual fans or college interns — they are a mix of data scientists and fantasy football pro's who know the game inside-and-out.

They also have one important thing in common: they are all partners in the business and each and every one uses the data that we collect for their own endeavors. They have a vested interest in maintaining data quality and a desire to continually push the program forward with the addition of new metrics each season.

For the 2019 season, we are charting the following 36 variables on all passing and rushing plays, all ready for download within 7 days after the game.

  • Number of Defenders in the Box (Passing and Rushing Plays)
  • Number of Pass Targets
  • Number of Pass Rushers
  • Number of Stunt Pass Rushers
  • Number of Blitzers
  • Number of DB's blitzing
  • Number of players in the Backfield
  • Play Action passes
  • Screen Passes
  • Shovel/Touch Passes
  • Sideline Passes
  • Highlight Passes
  • Out of Pocket Passes
  • QB Pressure
  • QB Hits
  • QB Hurries
  • Defender #1 on QB Pressures
  • Defender #2 on QB Pressures
  • Defender #1 on QB Hurries
  • Defender #2 on QB Hurries
  • Defender on QB Hits
  • QB Throwing Motion Hindered
  • Time to Sack (Seconds)
  • True Air Yards
  • Depth of Target (yards)
  • Depth of Target Rank (out of available targets)
  • Coverage on Target (0, 1 or 2)
  • Yards after Catch
  • Created Receptions
  • Contested Balls
  • Dropped Passes
  • Balls Thrown Away
  • Passes Batted Away
  • INT Worthy Passes (reveals defender drops and unlucky passes)
  • Missed and Broken Tackles
  • Yards after Contact (Receivers and Rushers)

Have an idea for something you would like to see in the list?

Drop us a line via the contact form and we will see what we can do.

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