We Don't Want To Be Just A Provider. We Want To Be Your Partner.

What makes this site any different from some of the other businesses pushing sports data in 2020?

We like to think we are slightly above the fray but we will let you decide. Allow us to make the case:

#1 - Data That Is Priced Right

No doubt there are services out there that provide NFL data cheaper than us and a whole bunch more that cost 10-20 times as much. We pride ourselves on providing what we consider to be the most extensive offering of NFL statistics available to the wider public at a Reasonable cost.

Having said this, it's also a cost that reflects the amount of work involved in having multiple people watch every single NFL play of every single season and turn this into an efficient relational database consisting of 28 tables and 700 stats.

It's a cost that reflects the thousands of lines of code we've written to properly parse play-by-play text snippets.

The overriding question you need to ask those services that do charge less is: where are you getting your data from? Services that provide their data on the cheap are very likely scraping or otherwise breaking the terms of service for other websites, plain and simple, and that's not a business model you want to tie your fortunes to.

#2 - Online Since 2001 With A Focus On Data For The Past 10 Years

Quality Football Stats since 1999

This business started way back in 1999 and has been online for a total of 18 years!

We will still be here in 2029, 2039 and beyond. We are a partner you can feel confident building a business on top of.

#3 - Ethical And Sustainable Processes

We don't scrape data. Period. We chart basic data from game film as well as an additional 53 more advanced metrics. Afterwards, charters compare their results with the raw play-by-play text that the NFL provides to ensure accuracy.

We also have an extensive code base that is able to parse raw play-by-play text to produce our own aggregated statistics across 28 different tables and over 700 stats.

In addition, we work with partners to legally obtain injury and player data as well as other NFL-related information our own charters don't capture.

We are 100% above board and here for the long-haul.

#4 - Specialized Stats That Are Consistent Across The Board

Our team of professional charters is small but mighty. They are pros with a deep knowledge of the game. We don't rely on 'interns' or crowd-sourcing to produce data. We have stringent standards and training processes in place to ensure that any data points with a hint of subjectivity are all treated exactly the same between team members. We don't provide advanced stats on game day. We have a 7 day process where charting occurs and is then reviewed multiple times to ensure accuracy. Nothing is more important to us than ensuring our data is of the highest integrity.

#5 - We Stick To Quantifiable Stats

Further to the previous point: we predominantly focus on black and white situations that carry at most, a hint of grey.

An example would be whether a QB was pressured or not. It's open to some interpretation but is largely based on game film itself.

We don't try and chart data where All-22 film can't reveal the whole story. We don't have a window into the QB's wireless communications with the sideline nor does any other stats provider outside the teams themselves.

#6 - Transparent Data Plans And Pricing

We have just 4 data plans that are clearly laid out on the NFL Data page.

These 4 tiers cater to Researchers, Hard-core fans/bettors and commercial business.

Our pricing is also stable from season-to-season.

Getting instant access to squeeky clean NFL data should not be complicated and with us, it isn't.

#7 - We Only Do The NFL And That's The Way It Will Always Be

We are 100% devoted to the NFL game. Our resources are 100% directed towards increasing the accuracy and breadth of the NFL stats we provide.

Quite simply, you will not find any other data provider who devotes their entire existence to the NFL. Do you want a Jack Of All Trades type partner or a Subject Matter Expert?

#8 - Regular Updates Based On Client Feedback

There is not a season that goes by where we don't add at least a half-dozen new metrics that came soley from customer feedback. This has been going on for over a decade and will continue indefintely.

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